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Compare badly structured Adobe Acrobat PDF files with MS Word DOC files.


Once you need to compare .pdf file with another one, you might have some problems with document structure and converting from PDF to text is uneasy task and resulted document is structured badly. AKS suggest some solutions that can help you do effective comparison of PDF document with .doc files or other.


Q: While comparing files PDF with DOC we found that Compare PDF shows error in almost 100% document. Please suggest some software which can help us auditing / comparing our PDF files from DOC or HTML files with accuracy.


A: The problem is that when converting PDF to text resulted document is badly structured.

Suggested solutions:


1.You can convert .doc file to .pdf and compare two PDFs. There are a lot of tool for converting .doc to .pdf and in some cases that can do a trick.

2. New version of Compare PDF 2.0 (releasing in about 2-3 weeks) will be able to compare text by keywords, so it will tell you if some new keywords appears in the text.

3.  You can edit texts in Compare PDF and remove some end-lines so the text will be better structured.


In fact comparing of .pdf files is uneasy task and sometimes it is required to do some manual text correction.


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