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Compare documents after scan and OCR.


When converting document from scanned image to text with OCR document became badly structured. Compare PDF provides the way to compare badly structured documents, that were scanned and then converted to text. More over with Compare PDF you can convert .pdf file to text with some OCR tool and then compare it with some Word document (.doc).


Q: Please tell us if you have the software to compare and point out the differences between the .doc & .pdf files after the OCR has read the files from the .pdf format to .doc format.

A: With Compare PDF you can compare texts represented in any office file format, including .doc and .pdf files. A special note concerned OCR is that documents that were scanned and then recognized with OCR program are badly structured. So the comparing of document that was converted from scan to text is the problem of comparison of badly structured documents. You can read about comparing badly structured documents on our web-site: 

Please, note that Compare PDF can compare documents by keywords. This feature makes document comparison process more intellectual.


More information about comparing documents:

Compare PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files FAQ



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