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Comparing text with Compare PDF is an easy way to get information out of two text documents. Using Compare PDF options you can specify the way to compare texts, using text filters allows to compare office files formats. Share you conclusions using comparative report.


Compare PDF enables to compare text of different document formats, including office files: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf). Compare text of different document formats

Compare PDF enables to compare text of different document formats, including Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) and .txt. 

Compare text using Compare PDF's color scheme

Comparing text with Compare PDF is easy as program highlights found differences with special colors

By default "blue" color is for added texts, "green" color for modified text, "red" color for deleted texts.

Compare text using Compare PDF's status bar information

When comparing text Compare PDF indicates number of found changes on status bar. This information is useful if you don't need text comparison details, but need some common statistic about number of changed or deleted lines.

Text comparison options

Compare PDF options provides you with details on how Compare PDF compare text of some document. Use this options to configure Compare PDF in a way you need now. 

You can setup some specific way to compare text. For example, if Compare PDF should compare text by words or by characters.

Compare text and get comparative report

Once you compared some text with Compare PDF you might want to generate comparative report. It contains all the information that Compare PDF represents, but it is a simple .htm file, that you may print, keep for archive or send by e-mail to your co-worker.

Comparative report provides you with collaboration function.



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