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Command line usage scheme

Command line allows to automate compare and integrate Compare PDF with other software products.

Running Compare PDF with command line.

Sample: Compare PDF.exe /r:C:\some.html c:\file1.txt c:\file2.txt

Read about command line syntaxes in Compare PDF on-line manual. Read more...

Compare options

Compare PDF runs and uses specified parameters.

Compare PDF loads options from Compare PDF.ini file 


The result of comparison is a comparative report. It was specified after /r parameter.

If you run Compare PDF without /r parameter, it will run as a window mode.


Learn how to run Compare PDF using command line. Read more...

Command line benefits

  • Automate compare function. Using command line is the best way to automate comparison with Compare PDF. 
  • Integrate compare function. Compare PDF can be integrated with other software. So you can add a powerful compare function in other product.

Other features

File comparison compares any to any file, including, popular office formats: MS Word, Excel, PDF, Web Pages. Read more...

By keywords comparison allows to compare non-related documents with different structure. Read more...

Compare two folders feature lets to  find changes that were made in two folders and containing files. Read more...

Report can be created once you compared two files or folders. It contains detailed comparison information. Read more...


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